Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Recognizing a True Online Guru (Contender) from a Fake (Pretender): Preventing Online Fraud

Since the proliferation of the niche ‘make easy money online’ a lot of charlatans have taken this opportunity to reap many un suspecting individuals of their hard earned money, promising to deliver to them easy systems that will enable them make easy money online with no active participation or not even doing any thing at all, but sit and watch as the dollars roll into their bank accounts. I find it really funny that in these information age where information abound every where; from the internet to the media (electronic and print), from oral to written, that people could still fall for their gimmicks and pay dearly by losing part or all of their money, a price they pay for being greedy and lazy. How ever, it has been noted that approximately 97 percent of all online money niches are fraud: and as such one needs to be careful while carrying out online transactions these days.
Having said this, I’ll like to take out time to list some possible online fraud, some from other people’s experience, while the others from personal experiences and encounters with these impostors and swindlers; and how to avoid them, because if a person loses money to scams, it is very demoralizing. Sit back; relax and take your time as I expose some never revealed secrets and in the process separate the Contenders from the pretenders.
When I first got exposed to the internet, that was a couple of years back, 2001 to be precise, then the internet and its applications was still very new to many us at that time. As a result of my naivety, I almost got swindled by a certain scholarship experts gurus (swindlers) based in Ontario, Canada. I came across information as regards their services via a classified advert in one weekly magazine based in Nigeria, the so called scholarship experts claimed that there link you up with charitable organizations (wonder what that means) both in your home country and abroad that are willing to dole out large sums of money in aid and scholarships to deserving students who plan to study in any of the ivy towers of the world. Being a newbie at that time, I fell for this cheap scheme and made for the nearest cyber cafĂ© to surf for more info at these ‘experts’ website, I wonder if this site still exist on the web. On getting to their site, I sent them an email to notify them of my interest as regards their offer; then the drama ensued.
As soon as my email hit their inbox, I was sent an auto responded message informing me of the further steps to take to claim this one in a life time opportunity, I was asked to pay the sum of $45 by credit card, postal order or wired transfer, and after they‘ve received my payments, they will now hook me up with the so called ‘charitable organizations’ and ‘governments’ who donate scholarships and aid as if it was a persons birth right. All these happen after they’ve received their $45. I almost got swindled if not for a friend who I lost contact with to this day, I went searching for credit card in banks and other financial institutions, then met him at one company who specializes in online transactions, very rare those days in Nigeria. He offered to surf the site of the scholarship experts himself, and when he did, he made some rather shocking discovery about this people, that they where not only fraudsters but they where charlatans with no base in Canada, and that there are responsible for swindling many unsuspecting students. I thanked my stars that I not only retained my $45, but got hooked up with by this new friend of mine, then the mystery of scholarships was revealed to me through this portal. I realized that nothing indeed was for free, that one need to work hard to get the reward for excellence.
With the increase in online niches such as FOREX, fixed odd trading, affiliate marketing, ad words etc, these online predators have once again capitalized on this new genre of online activities to prey on individuals who once again place a high priority on freebies and stress free life of sitting idly facing their computer screens as the dollars pour in, in torrents. Recently a friend of mine was tricked into paying for a product (FOREX robot) that promises 100 pips every day as long as your account remains live. Well this gentle man fell for such cheap scheme and he is still licking his wounds, pathetic you will say. There are many out there that have suffered such fate, and many more are likely to fall victim of these cheats. It becomes pertinent that urgent steps should be taken to check this online menace before it escalates to unmanageable proportions.
The following points are to be taken into note when a person is making dealings online:

1) When paying for a product or service, did the product come with an endorsement in form of testimonies by previous customers who have made use of the product or service; and certified it to be okay?
2) Now, those testimonies did it show email addresses and other physical contact details of the said customer?
3) Earlier on I stated that at least 97 percent of all online opportunities are our right scams, were you asked to recruit people, deposit money etc?
4) Now the so called ‘guru’ who offered to make you very rich in a couple of minutes, did he offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t find his product/service satisfactory?
5) As for those products/services that has to do with networking, where you asked to pay before you can join?
6) Where you asked to pay for an educational grant or scholarship that normally goes to deserving students in the case of those furthering their academics?

Now as an answer to the above listed questions in summary; for you to recognize a true guru from a fake, a true guru will;
1) give you accurate and a well tested and proven result oriented product/service with attested testimonies by previous customers
2) the testimonies will come with not only the names of the buyers, but with their physical addresses, in most cases pictures
3) if it is a product/service that has to do with networking, most of the products/services will not ask you to deposit money or recruit more people as most are free to join, however I am not saying that those who some times ask you to do the latter, are fraudulent people. As some affiliate networks require you to recruit more affiliates, what is known as multi tier programs for you to gain more commissions on sales made.
4) A real guru always offers a real money-back guarantee if his product/service is not as satisfactory to you as he earlier asserted.
5) More so, gurus get listings from other established gurus, a real guru gets recommendations from others in the same field or niche market as he is, as he is a distinguished fellow who wants to add more value to the lives of his clients not pluck holes in their pockets, but rather to mend the pockets to hold good contents.
6) A real guru is a fellow whose presence online remains persistent and consistent, he doesn’t run away as soon as he has reaped a substantial amount of money fraudulently from people, as a real guru he is not satisfied with enough money as he knows the value of the information he has at his disposal and is not ready to sale it for peanuts. But rather he is ready to makes tons of money selling this information or others.
7) A real guru specializes and establishes himself in a particular niche, he is not there because it is the craze online, but he specializes because it an area he can beat his chest any day that he knows so much about and therefore should tap from this well to make his living helping others who are craving for the knowledge he possess. He does not jump from niche to niche as most fraudulent characters and amateurs do, rather he diversifies and is willing to learn new and improved ways of doing the same thing he does.
8) Finally, services such as scholarships and grants are free and only awarded to deserving students who meet the requirements or some other special considerations of the award sponsors, gurus like will tell you this

It is my belief that this piece will help you make your decisions next time you want to part with your hard earned money for a product or service, as there is one hard cold fact people are still finding difficult to accept; there is no such thing as easy and fast money, I’m speaking from experience as I have jumped into many get rich quick schemes and became disappointed in the long run. I realized that the only road to riches is hard work (work smart though), perseverance and above all patience.

Chinemere Onuekwusi is a young Nigerian with a drive to set new heights and sights for his generation; you can read more about him at his blog

Monday, June 16, 2008

Meeting the Millennium Development Goals: Information Technology as a tool for development and Economic Emancipation

As customary to my write ups, I try to reflect on sundry issues as it concerns Nigeria and the rest of the developing (sounding cynical; underdeveloped) economies. As we are still struggling to catch up with the rest of the world mostly the West on every issue that regards development of values. Laying credence to this fact can be seen in the way we use the internet, the GSM communication system and every other innovation that is Information Technology based, Now back to the issue that gave rise to this write up, the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), the Millennium Development Goals are sets of eight point Agenda aligned by the United Nations to see it’s underdeveloped members with a low Human Development Index (HDI) and low per capita income (as most of these countries live an average of a dollar a day) to become developed by the target year 2015 .The motion was adopted by 149 leaders from different parts of the Globe and adopted by 189 countries in the year 2000. These agendas or goals were derived from the United Nations Millennium Declaration in view of the various problems still plaguing the developing world

The millennium Development Goals are the world’s answer and targets for addressing extreme poverty in various dimensions;

such as income poverty; lack of adequate shelter, hunger; and disease among others, while at the same time promoting

Education, gender equality and environmental sustainability.

Now to the crux of the matter, these millennium goals looking at our peculiar situations and conditions, how can it be

attained? Now we are in the age of information and as such it is inherent that we look at how we can as nations yet to be

reckoned in world economy, use the information at our disposal to make this a reality by the target year 2015. The internet, GSM Technology etc, has come to stay with us, and information technology remains the only veritable tool that can be used to usher in a new dawn where the basic human right such as the rights of each person on the planet to health, education, shelter and security as well as gender equality and empowerment of women can be attained on a platter. It has been noticed that countries like China and India inundated with population explosion but embraced the IT idea as the only veritable tool to enhance their human development, has witnessed a geometric increase in their per capita income and overall human development index, available statistics and other forms of data and economic indicators can lay credence to this fact
Now if I may digress a bit, I’ll state here that for the millennium goals to be achieved by Nigeria and the rest of the developing economies; urgent steps should be taken to implement the following:
computer literacy programs beginning from kindergarten to all levels of the individual’s development
funding of information technology institutes by the government as well as private sector
partnering with developed nations by encouraging exchange programs mostly at the tertiary institution level
increased funding in medical researches and other IT based medical programs
The agricultural sector should experience an increment in funding of all its programs most especially IT based researches so as to report a massive output in production for local consumption as well as export.

The menace faced by the continent as a result of hunger and poverty, HIV/AIDS pandemic, depletion of renewable energy and resources etc, can be addressed as stated below if information Technology can be enhanced in every facet of our economy and the general polity.
POVERTY AND HUNGER ERADICATION: Poverty and hunger remains the biggest scourge ravaging the African continent, but with the advancement of technology, with information technology and the Internet, food produced in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Asian Tigers can be easily sent to Africa and other parts of the world where it is needed. During wars and strife, like experienced in the Nigerian/Biafran war that lasted between the periods of 1967-1970, there was a dearth of food and medical attention most especially on the Biafran side as a result of an information blockade by the Nigerian Government. But with the improvement of Information technology, no matter where such problems are, the satellites will pick up signals and therefore do all that is required to be done to reduce the problems associated with lack of food and other supplements. As a local importer based in Nigeria or any part of the developing world, you can get hooked up with big time farmers based in Europe or the United States etc via the internet through the company’s website and email address. Agricultural produce can be easily exported saving the cost that would have been originally spent on flight tickets, hotel booking and reservations, taxes etc and also eliminating the role of the middle man which greatly saves the cost of production and importation.
HIV/AIDS (PLWHA): The HIV/AIDS pandemic currently pervading the African continent with Nigeria and South Africa trailing India in that order, can be deduced from lack of adequate information, but with the recent development as regards information technology, this scourge can be well taken care of. The introduction of mobile clinics and diagnostic centers whose activities in remote and rustic areas most especially, was made possible by the information technology phenomenon, where a doctor in a far away clinic for example a doctor in John Hopkins University hospital in the United States can with the use of sophisticated gadgets diagnose and cure patients via a satellite and a modem installed both at the clinic in America and the remote location. With this development, HIV/AIDS patients or PLWHA (PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS) and other deadly illnesses can now be managed, as the constraint caused by distance has been removed with the advancement in information Technology.
POWER AND ENERGY: As part of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations, power and other renewable forms of energy has been understudied over the past decade or so, since fossil fuel deposits continue to deplete with replenishing, it becomes pertinent for countries whose economies are centered on it to advance and diversify their economy so as to be among the league of nations with high human development index, and if one should ask, how else can this be achieved if not by information technology. Recently a group of scientist built an automobile that can be powered by air, amazing it sounds; one of the wonders of IT. More discoveries and innovations will be made, as earlier discoveries like space science has improved virtually all sectors of the economy of Nations like the United States, Russia, and Europe in medicine telecommunication, military, etc.
From the for going, one cannot overemphasize the importance of information Technology as a tool for human and resources development, just as the industrial revolution of the 18th century that ushered in a new dawn that has remained evergreen in the annals pf history, so will it create an unprecedented and indelible mark that will remain evergreen in the sands of time.
Chinemere Onuekwusi is a young Nigerian passionate about change to put the country and the continent back to world reckoning, you can read more of his articles at his blog and make your comments on any of his articles. Feel free today and hit his blog site at

Friday, June 13, 2008

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)
U.S President

Every person; black (Negro), white (Caucasian), occidental or oriental are born with a certain trait or innate capabilities that distinguishes him/her from the others. However discovering these potentials could be tasking and might take several years or even eternity to discover. Most people live their lives imitating others and as such find it relatively difficult to discover them selves and their innate abilities oblivious of the fact that "you can only be you" . It is never wrong to have a role model or an icon to emulate; but it is wrong to live your role model.
For example pop star Michael Jackson’s role model was James Brown of blessed memory who was regarded as the ‘god father of soul". Mike grew up not wanting to be like James Brown, but to greater than him and did he succeed? Sure he did and was crowned the "king of pop" today his antecedents speaks for him. I better be my self than imitate a hero and remain in his shadow for life. Like my friend will say ‘it is better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven.
The main purpose for having this blog is basically to share my experiences with people of like minds (like you reading this article at the moment) on sundry issues; and from my previous blogs posted, I always try as hard as I can to be truthful to you on issues pertaining to the internet and online opportunities: it’s uses (advantage as well as disadvantage), I share with you the facts, the myths and also the reality. Basically, our main purpose of using the internet is to surf for information that helps add more quality to our lives. But like every good thing is prone to bad use, we pervert the use of the internet. Therefore we risk loosing the innate qualities to come to fore as regards utilizing the web resources to our own benefits. Having said that, I think it is really expedient that we change our attitude (concerning things online) to get a better picture of life.
Presently do you know that while we (Nigerians) spend so much time on idle chat mostly on yahoo and msn messenger’s respectively, that the rest of the world especially the west are busy using the same yahoo and msn messenger to their own benefit, smiling to the bank every day? Few people know this, but I want you to be aware of this. I want you to know that information on various chat rooms and news groups are intended for traffic, and more traffic means more money. While browsing do you wonder why a chat template pops up all the time, and you are been given a link redirecting to the person’s site or blog. While you hit the site you get to know more about the person and he then offers to render you a service for a pound of your flesh! Most times these are porn sites offering all sort of erotic clips to arouse you erotic desires. After whetting your appetite as a dog given a bone you are now asked to become a member of the site to view the videos uninhibited, so doing you have to part with some dollars: funny enough these sites take their payment through credit cards (visa and MasterCard).
How ever you don’t need to be involved in porn to get you own fare share of this kind of dollars, as an African with moral values; all you need do is to post a good article on various issues online: just like I’m doing now. Then while in the chat room you send in your contact info redirecting the person to a site. Immediately the person hits the site you now offer him/her a service he could find rather interesting and from experience people tend to part money on things they want other than things they need. Now you don’t need to own your product to do this, this is why I’ll love to introduce you to the lucrative world of AFFILIATE MARKETING: I got introduced to this very lucrative online business a couple of months back and at the moment I’m still learning the ropes. But I’ll love to share with the little experience I‘ve garnered while mastering this niche. First of all I’ll explain to you what affiliate marketing is all about. Affiliate marketing is all about promoting a product or services of a company online to help increase sales, and when a sale is made through you as an affiliate of that company you earn a commission. Good enough you don’t need to be in the United States or any other advanced country to be a good affiliate. How ever all you need is a good knowledge of how the affiliate program works, and access to an internationally recognized credit card (as the ones offered by most Nigerian banks are not accepted since it is customized with a Nigerian address) other than a US address, surprisingly there are many companies in Nigeria who help you get a credit card customized with a US address for a reasonable fee. I’ll love to get permission from any of these companies before I list them on this blog.
More so while learning the basics of affiliate marketing I came across so many affiliate networks like click bank that offers digital products, Amazon that sales products like DVD’s, Link Share etc, but to be frank with you before you can get this venture kick started you need your own professional web site, so that you can market your products as well, and to design a web site now is as easy as using MS word, you don’t need a formal knowledge especially in writing java or html scripts, all that is required is to have a Microsoft FrontPage software installed in your system, and bingo! You are on. After designing the web pages of your site you need a server to host your site, and now there are so many companies here in Nigeria that host web pages depending on the size of the site for a token fee (in Naira), for example a web page of about 50 MB could cost you from N1500 to N2500 to host for about one year after which you renew your subscription, but before I mix things up you need to have a domain name for example www.yourname/nameof and to get a domain name you pay a little amount of money say N1000 first of all to the web hosting company Hit this blog from time to time for more updates on affiliate marketing strategies
Now as soon as you join any affiliate marketing network you need to know how to place ads for effective marketing of the products you are promoting. At this juncture I’ll love to get you acquainted with google ad words. This is a program by google specially designed for advertisers or publishers, also known as pay-pay- click advertising. Well like I always do I’ll tell you the truth as regards this program based on the little I know as I am still experimenting so as to master the ropes of this advertising tactics. However, from the little I know I’ll assert here that this program has enriched millions of people around the world. Men like Perry Marshal, Mal Keenan etc have made fortunes on the internet as top affiliates from taking part in ad word campaign. Top search engines like yahoo AltaVista, msn etc have their pay-per-click ad programs, and from what I read from the experts; it‘ll be your greatest undoing if you don’t advertise with a top site like yahoo, before google became a house hold name; yahoo was and is still the most visited site to this day. For more on yahoo pay-per-click program visit
But suffice it to say that I’m still trying things out for the pay-per-click advertising system. My assurance to you is to get to this site often so as to get updates on my online experiences, and you are very free to post your comments on any issue raised here. Either as suggestions, criticisms (constructive rather than destructive) or words of encouragement, all are welcome. The texts so posted must be short, concise and straight to the point. Use of abusive words should be greatly avoided. Once more I wish to thank you for taking out time to read this piece one after the other. As I look forward to a generation of young Nigerians that‘ll make the difference and earn the respect due us by the global community.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Nigerian internet estate: the myths, facts and the reality II (Google ad sense)

This article is a sequel to the other piece posted on this blog, and this article will be incomplete if I don’t make mention of this very formidable online money making opportunity that has enriched many netpreneurs world wide and Nigeria is not left out in this. The program is owned by one of the largest web portal worth about $174.83 billion, and it is currently the biggest media company in the world. It is bigger than notables like Time Warner, the company which owns Time Magazine, CNN & America Online; it is bigger than Viacom, the owners of MTV and Paramount Pictures. In fact, Google is worth more than all the companies quoted in the Nigerian Stock Market combined! This includes Mobil, OANDO, Nigerian Breweries, Zenith and all the other banks (combined!). A single share costs more than $450 and it is projected to reach $600 a piece sometime next year - that's more than N50, 000! a piece (compare this to that of say Zenith bank that sells for less than N50!).. Like I always say the number one thing in online business is being truthful to your audience since he/she can’t see you, and since I joined this trend of latest genre of Nigerians who are hitting it big from genuine online money making opportunities

Now do you know that Microsoft network wants to purchase yahoo for a record sum of $44.6 billion dollars (about 535.5 billion Naira), ask me why: the simple reason being that MSN with all its affiliate networks and companies still trail behind google in online sales, and buying yahoo will be a big boost in its battle against market leader google for pre-eminence on the online search market. Now what is ad sense? It is a special pay-per click system developed by google where specific ads related to the content on your site/blog are displayed and each time a visitor hits your site/blog and clicks on any of the ad your get paid. This is not a scam. Remember I told you that is worth over $100 Billion; well this is one of the ways they make their money. Here they serve as 'agents' between people who want to attract visitors to their websites and people who have advertisement space on their own website. It doesn't matter if what you have is a free website or not. All you need to do is to design a website on a particular niche; it could be golf, health and fitness, dieting, online money making opportunities etc. from my last post I discussed briefly how to design a web page using Microsoft FrontPage, presently I’m taking my time designing my site, developing content and then hosting it. Very soon the site will hit the web. Back to our main discussion, it doesn’t cost a fortune to get an ad sense account from google all you need is go to, and in a couple of minutes google will start displaying ads related to your site/blog content for visitors to click on them and earn you revenue.

At the moment I’m still trying things out and learning from the masters and presently my ad sense revenue is swelling pretty fast and I’m really amazed by this lazy way of earning revenue without promoting a product or nice as is the case with google ad words/ Affiliate marketing. However I want to warn you that as a part of Google’s Terms of Service if by any way you click on the ads or tell some body else to do that for you, google will definitely find out, and when they do you are banned from participating from the program. So all you need to do for your self is to know how to build traffic for your site or blog. My next post I’ll be doing that.

However for more on google ad sense and how to earn revenue from it you can subscribe to this e-book by Liz Tomey titled ‘confessions of an ad sense girl’ for a token fee, presently I use this book and it has greatly enriched my ad sense experience; and by purchasing this google ad sense elixir as I call it, you also stand a chance of getting a free e-book on The Nigerian stock market by a stock exchange guru Ikenna C Nwaiwu titled ‘ The Beginner’s Guide To Investing In The Nigerian Stock Market’.
The Nigerian internet estate: the myths, facts and the reality I (online FOREX trading)

As a follow up to my previous posts on this blog, I’ll continue to assert the fact that Nigeria is a force to be reckoned with as regards every known endeavor on the face of this planet called Earth, and the internet is no exception, it is left for the rest of the world most especially the United States to fathom this cold hard fact out. Well I would have titled this piece ‘the online conspiracies of the west against Nigeria’ well that would sound cynic and inane. It will look as we are beggars at the rich man’s table waiting for crumbs that falls off his table; when we are kings in the making. However, it has become imperative that we will take on destiny instead of waiting lazily for it to come beckoning at us. But do you know one thing my friend? Your destiny cannot come to you except you shrug off the ashes of defeat, rise to your feet, and then take what rightly belongs to you. Sorry if I have digressed from the main topic of the day, well I was trying to crave your indulgence as is always the case with me. Like I said earlier on, Nigeria remains the biggest internet estate and can compete favorably with India on the third world country category and in the real sense can give the west a run for their money; and as a member of cyber world is not immune to the fistful of online fallacies that pervades the internet daily. But I’ll only deal with this ill wind the as it concerns we Nigerian.

One thing that has remained obvious to we Nigerians especially those who wants to make a decent living doing decent business online is that we are greatly disadvantaged because of some pre-conceived notion of the developed economies against Africa and Nigeria in particular, but I wont dwell much on the bad side as an optimist but will deal on the possible and well established side as a realist. What do I mean by this? The internet has become a real estate and as such many people world wide are reaping the benefits of this innovation and smiling to the bank every other day, so my main concern is to get you acquainted with the common myth that pervades the internet daily and the obvious.

Recently, online FOREX TRADING has become a niche that every person with little or no experience on money matters wants to get involved in within a short period of time (most attend one to two days seminar) and want to start reaping from it, stop! I’ll love to ask, why is it that we still have few people that are rich from trading FOREX with all the hype associated with it? Well have you stooped to think this over? But my friend like I titled this article I’ll love to list the myths, facts and the reality of online FOREX trading. Personally I don’t trade FOREX but I know of an array of people who do; and from the fillers I get daily, it is not as rosy as it sounds. You loose money and you gain money, however the tendency of loosing far out weighs that of gaining if you don’t know the fundamentals of the trade. Knowing the fundamentals is not some thing you gain the knowledge in 1, 2, 3 or even 7 days as those who advertise it in dailies will tell you. What the organizers of various FOREX seminars are after is to gain back what they have loosed trading through levying outrageous seminar fees on the participants. At the seminar they don’t take the time to explain the technical and fundamentals of the market, terms like pips, bull traps, Fibonacci analysis etc are not well explained: leaving the participant more confused than ever. But like I said earlier on, trading with no fore knowledge of the aforementioned points makes trading an experience not worth the venture.

Still on online FOREX trading, it will be unfair if I don’t mention the benefits of this online money making venture even if I’m not trading this very lucrative market (yet). Basically FOREX trading exceeds about 1.3 trillion dollars daily, so it will be mediocre of a person to jump into a market as large as this with no formal knowledge of the happenings. However ,it becomes expedient of the person to get fully into the know of this liquid market before getting his hands burnt in the process of wanting to make 100 pips a day as most of the self acclaimed FOREX experts promise you when you trade on their systems. Like I always do when posting any article, I try to make detailed research (even if I know little or not) before coming to press, and when I do it is in the form of a personal experience. While this FOREX rave reached fever pitch, every person wanted to tap into this market to reap bountifully; I decided to make my own in road. Daily, I hit every search engine on the net for a detailed report, I subscribed to every ezine, news letter, and every available publication that deals with the subject. From my findings I observed that the requirements of this market is quite tasking, however if all these requirements are met, the market is worth the venture, what are the requirements I’m talking of: they include a laptop computer connected to the internet; as you need this to enhance the mobility of the market, a domiciliary account, and a form of identity which could come in form of an international passport or national identity card and a plat form to trade on.

One day I saw an advert on a daily on a FOREX seminar that’ll last for about two days, and within these two days you will be taught all the basics required to start making between 30 to 40 pips daily (note: a pip is worth about 10 dollars). I did not attend the seminar as the seminar fee was too much, not that I can’t afford it but because the money was too much for a seminar that will last a couple of days. So I took the address of the FOREX firm and decided to pay them a visit and perhaps make more enquiries. On getting there I met a lady who looked more like a cleaner than a FOREX expert, as I was expecting to see a person who looked like those who work in wall street or if I want to sound modest like some one who works for one of the banks, then how can such a person teach me the basics of the trade for me to start making 50 pips every day!. I thought may be if she really is an expert as she claims, I figure she should be making good money as a FOREX expert and at least look good for her troubles. Is not like I’m saying that there aren’t people here in Nigeria who are doing good trading FOREX, but what I’m saying is that they are very few, this is the fact and the sooner it downs on you the better. I don’t want to sound cynical but in this business is very good for you to be very truthful to your audience, telling them the reality of every situation, instead of leading them falsely by reporting fallacies and stuff.

On the contrary, FOREX trading is a niche and can not be ignored as it has enriched many Nigerians (the few who know the rudiments of the business) as I know of a guy who takes home close to 30 to 40 pips any time he trades, do you know his secret? He sells when others are buying, and sells when others are buying. He knows where to make his stop loss and quit when it really mattered, he understands the basic trends mostly the fundamental, since with it you have a clue as to how the currencies are performing in the market relative to how the various big economies are faring. One other fact in relation to a myth pervading the scenario is that FOREX is not a vocation as the ‘experts’ will tell you. It is not some thing you do on a part time basis; rather I will say it is more of a career, since most traders do it full time. Why this is so is that you can dwell on a chart a whole day waiting for a favorable signal to begin trading, while you are in your office waiting for the required signal, your boss will be telling the secretary to prepare your sack letter and pay-off. But if you learn the ropes you work smart as a FOREX trader, knowing the best times to trade; then you can jolly well make it a vocation, rather than a career as earlier speculated. The secret is that most FOREX traders don’t trade every day. This is another fact, you only trade when there are auspicious signs. Another secret is contentment (avoid being unnecessarily greedy), when you make a good move that gives you 20 to 30 pips, is usually advisable to quit at that juncture even if you see another favorable trend. Usually such trends end with you loosing the money you already made. So be careful, as it could be very enticing as well as deceitful

The fact about this market is that you make money if you avoid bull traps and interpret the market trends both fundamental and technical, looking at the charts, knowing when to buy and when to sell, knowing the best currency pair (e.g. euro/dollar), knowing when to enter and when to quit and Fibonacci analysis. If you get your self acquainted with all these, then your venture into this market will be worth the while, on the contrary the myth is that you don’t, make 30-40 pips daily by just taking part in a 2 day seminar or workshop as most will call it, most self acclaimed experts introduce you to robots that trade on your behalf, well the truth about robots is that they only function according to how they are programmed. Most robots are programmed using technical analysis, but this market is very volatile and economic trends in most leading economies especially the US can affect the market negatively or positively, for example the recent recession so experienced in the US resulted into a weak dollar and like a virus it spread to other economy especially the Euro zone and Japan: so if your robot was programmed following the reverse you can figure out what happens. The reality here is that you can only make it in FOREX when you master the ropes of the market as it has been noted that about 90 percent of those who go into FOREX exit after a short period of venturing. The fact then is that FOREX trading can be lucrative as well unprofitable. Which ever side of the divide you belong the choice is yours. But I assure you that you can make a difference if you believe in your self, since many plat forms reject registration from Nigeria (another western conspiracy), for example FXSOL no longer accepts registration from Nigeria. So it is left to you to decide how to take this market by storm as I promise to give frequent updates as regards my online experiences since I’ve decided to join the trend of Nigerians making dollars form FOREX trading.

Feel free to post your comments and views on this topic, you can also get a free FOREX manual by one of the world’s best FOREX experts, contact me by email if you are in need of this manual, it is free of charge and will come as an email attachment sent free of charge to your box. You can also get e-books on how to build your internet empire for a token fee, more so many freebies are also included like the e-book ‘as a man thinketh’ by James Allen and another free e-book by Wallace D Wattles titled ‘the science of getting rich’. Just contact me via email for these rich books that will enrich your online money making experience.
At first I thought it was a huge joke as many Nigerians have been made to believe that scamming or perhaps 419 as many would call it is the only officially recognized way to make easy money online: making money online this way (though I never tried it, even when it almost became a trend) is the hardest, toughest and most time consuming money making exercise, however, those involved in this sad and unfortunate melee are yet to make this discovery; those who have, have chickened out. To be frank with you I’m still a green horn as regards making legitimate money online, but yet I can attest to the fact that legitimate and easy money online opportunities abound: but majority of those involved in this evil scheme (419) are yet to re-train their minds and instincts to believe this well acknowledged fact, besides, their 'income' is not steady and they live in constant fear of being caught by the authorities. Perhaps, their worst disadvantage is that they rob themselves of their resourcefulness and their ability to earn money legitimately.

Hey! Is making money online the latest trend? Or is it the home based money making craze that has infected every adult since the internet became a house hold name; that is affecting our psyche? Well not really; but it is the necessary end to every means today, in the words of millionaire Bill Gates’ there are two kinds of businesses, those online and those who are out of business’ so one can rightly say that online business is the niche today world wide ,and Nigeria is no exception. Then how can we Nigerians then say we can’t take our own fare share of this national cake? Just because we have been called the bad dog and therefore must be hanged? Well it is rather sad and unfortunate that a country as large as Nigeria ,with all it’s potentials: both material and human can be so marginalized as to be de-listed or black listed from every idea and opportunity online by the western world(lead by the united states) who think the internet is their birth right. But let me state it here and now, that it is no fault of theirs but ours that we find ourselves in this precarious situation today, not as a result of our fraudulent online activities (statistically India and Pakistan are by far the largest scammers second only to Nigeria) but because we have refused in our ignorance to take up the opportunities that abound online and make a decent living out of it.

My reasons to putting this little piece of information together today is not to bemoan our fate, but for us to take charge of our lives: as we are the only ones that can make the desired change to occur. More so, I am here to make a list of some yet to be discovered online money making ventures and how some works. Recently I was going through some ideas posted in one particular Nigerian forum on how to make money buying and selling e-gold/currency, it sounded unreal at first but today I can assure you that e-gold is really working since online payment solutions like visa, MasterCard, pay pal etc don’t transact business with Nigerians, e-gold is now the easiest solution, however if you want more information on how it works you Can visit ,there you’ll learn more on e-gold and how to open an account which is free and funding it. Other online opportunities I’ll list out with links for more detailed information on each of them include: which is by far the most visited site, as they have their information portal in every language in the world; as such they utilize this advantage by introducing programs like google ad words, ad sense etc where so many people world wide are raking millions of cool dollars every day. Other search engines like yahoo, AltaVista etc have programs of such manner, yet we (Nigerians) are yet to discover this proverbial gold mine beneath our feet.

E-publishing/books is still very much new thing to us in this part of the world; since publishing of books (off line) could be regarded as a very prodigious exercise as a person must be skilled in the area which he is make his desired impact, must have a writing style, and lastly a fat bank account (except he/she have a sponsor). But all these upheavals and bottlenecks have been eliminated since the discovery of e-books. E-books are so easy to prepare all you need is a very good idea on a topic or a niche you are very familiar with; from my discovery, how-to do e-books are by far the most sought for; as every individual as the world becomes more advanced is looking for a first class information on how to make life easier for himself and his family. E-books on information such as: how to become a GSM engineer in 1 day, how to make money lying comfortably on your bed etc. are information every person who sees it will want to get to its root and as such will be ready to part with a sizeable amount of their income to get this very important information. For more I’ll advise you to read my article posted on this blog titled ‘how to become a publishing guru’ there you’ll get some useful information on e-books and how a person can make some cool bucks getting one on the shelf.

Though I’m not necessarily an expert on FOREX trading, but one thing I know is that it is the systematic buying and selling of currencies online, based on the currency’s current exchange rate as against the dollar. Another fact I know is that a lot of people worldwide are making good money trading FOREX and Nigerians are not exempted from this profitable venture; all you need is good knowledge on interpreting fundamental and technical analysis, avoiding bull traps, and avoid being a victim of constant market fluctuations. To know more on FOREX visit any search engine like yahoo, google, msn etc then type the key word ‘FOREX’ on the search bar, from the displayed results you can visit the links for a detailed information on FOREX trading.

Online money making ventures suitable for every person, Nigerians inclusive are so many, but it takes time to get this ideas on course, as it not as easy as it sounds, however if you have the desire and passion the sky is your limit. Online business just like any other business is profitable if well implemented and vice versa. In all; I want Nigerians to take up the courage in the midst of upheavals and bottlenecks and take their fare share of this rave going on in cyber space. As we all know one thing ‘we are the giant of Africa and the window of the world.

Feel free to post your comment on the above write up as I also want to state here that the information contained here in, is an opinion and my experiences as an aspiring netpreneur. You can hit this blog any time for more updates and personal experiences in the world called and understood as cyber space.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Publishing books then used to be at times refered to as white elephant projects.But with the advent of the internet;making

publications on any subject matter now is as easy as eating sliced bread. Any body rergardless of educational attainment can

earn a living through publication of e-books.

How ever this online money making venture is yet to be fully explored as many people are this ignorant of this very simple home

based business venture.

Sounds Unbelievable?! do you know that one can become a publisher over night and even make a living as a big time publisher

on line? Well listen to this by Catherine Pedigos. Excerpts below;

…” “I’ve been a mother and home maker for twenty seven years and I’ve enjoyed staying at home to raise my two children. My husband Tom was the sole financial provider until eight years ago he lost his job…I've been a mother and homemaker for over 27 years and I've enjoyed staying home to raise my two children. My husband Tom had been the sole financial provider for our family until eight years ago when he lost his job and our steady income. (He didn't want me to have to go outside of our home to find employment and I didn't relish the idea either.) After months of him not being able to find other work, we began to frantically consider alternative ways to bring in money.
Tom started developing a passion for reading books about "Home Businesses" and how to start them. One home business that attracted us the most was writing and self-publishing various "how-to" booklets. As Tom shared the nuggets from these different authors with me, he began to write a booklet on "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby", since he was able to speak out of the experience of four years of consistent wins with our son!
As a result of his motivation, I then came out with my own individual booklet. This is the KEY to producing moneymaking material - knowing what ideas, experience, and knowledge you have that others would desperately want to have for themselves"...

From the above narration one can start developing ideas on how to e-publish, below are

Some tips;
.1) Choose a subject to write about. Select something you enjoy or want

to know more about. You also want to write about something your

Readers are going to be interested in as well. Once you have

Decided on a subject that interests you, some thing you have a passion for, head over to

any search engine like, yahoo, AltaVista etc. conduct a search on pre-exiting

Articles, e-books etc, on the topic you are about to write on. Browse through the pages of

the search results for key words to use in your publication

2) Once you have all of your information collected you have to start

Organizing it. Create a new folder on your computer and label it

"E-book". All of your html files/pages for your e-book will go in

this folder. Start by creating a table of contents page. Divide

Your subject up into different categories and start creating pages

For each category.

3) Now it is time to put everything in e-book format. Fortunately there

Are a lot of products available that will do this task for you.

I've listed below just one way you can turn your typed ideas into a low cost e-book .

Typing it as a word document you then get a word to PDF converter, then you convert it

Into a PDF document, then save it as an email attachment.

4). Now start giving your e-book away. E-book. Send it out to all of your

Friends, colleagues etc. Offer it as a free gift to ezine publishers. The ezine

Publisher benefits by offering great content to their readers and

You get extra publicity. You can submit your e-book for free; to forums, newsgroups,

Search engines and article boards on line.

I assure you if you follow this few tips and many more I promise to release soon; you’ll

Your experience as an e-book writer/publisher as you smile regularly to the bank

You can contact Chinemere Onuekwusi by email or hit him on
Blog at http//